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For Business Owners:

Selling Your Business?

            We find buyers for company owners that want to sell a business.  There are Thousands of entrepreneurs who are wanting buy or start a business. By advertising on the internet we take advantage of the opportunity exposing the business for sale to hundreds of thousands of people that are actually surfing the net.

On-Line Internet Advertising

             Our group of business websites is now getting over  100,000 hits per month. Each of our 28 business websites has a different theme such as business consulting, Business For Sale, business start, ausiness advantage, business websites, skill test, How To Start a Business, website promotion, etc.

No substitute for Quality

Businesses survive or flourish when they are able to produce quality products and services for their customers to buy.   Adversely as well, businesses need quality products and services from their suppliers to produce the products and services that they sell.

See our Buy A Business Page

Go to the navigation bar above on the right , click on the “Buy a Business Page” of  the various business that are listed for sale.  We have all the information on these businesses from equipment lists to financial statements.  We would be pleased to spend time with potential buyers to delve into the details.


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